The “Housing and Development Board” manages the aspects of public houses in Singapore. Most of the housing projects in Singapore for residential purposes are developed and governed by the government. These accommodations lie in housing estates that have the availability of all the necessary amenities of the modern life. These properties had been instrumental to provide the secured and comfortable roof over the heads of the masses.

The exceptional role played b the government of Singapore to ensure that all of the residents have a roof above their head

With the figure of above eighty percent of the inhabitants residing is these forms of accommodations, the HDB flats are the houses for the commoners of Singapore. About ninety five percent out of every one hundred residents of the HDBs hold the title deed for the places that they have got on lease for 99 years. Just about five percents of the total population still accommodates themselves in these flats that are the cheapest form of public housing. Thus, the government of Singapore holds the eligibility of sincere appreciation for the efforts it made to extend roof above the heads of every citizen.

The maintenance cost and the responsibilities of these HDB flats lie with the lease holders. The best part in the property market in Singapore is that several financial companies offer HDB renovation package that further enables the lease holders to easily afford the repairs and alterations of their sweet home. Individuals seeking to avail such renovation package Singapore can accomplish the task very easily with the help of internet.  They simply need to fill up one online form that fetches them the necessary fund on simple terms and conditions.


Apart from giving the owners the access to the required fund, these online sites connect them to the best interior design Singapore, who can handhold the HDB owners to renovate or repair their accommodations in grand style.


Does the HDBs reflect lesser qualities of life?

The Public housing system in Singapore is not to be considered a mark of poverty or lower standards for living, as the picture is with the system of public housing for other countries. Tough, these accommodations comes at lesser costs compared to the privately owned properties, the qualities are never been compromised of. The average and just above families in Singapore hold pride having the lease of these accommodations. These flats are built with good quality raw materials and the projects runs under the aegis of competent professionals who delight the people with the houses. As already stated, these estates have the availability of the latest facilities of the civilized society within its boundaries. Thus, the people living in them need not to move here and there to seek for them. Thus, even if people practices to accommodate themselves in public housing schemes, the standard of life in Singapore is none the less.

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